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About the Cockapoo breed

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About the Cockapoo breed

Generations explained 

A Cockapoo is a mixed dog breed, either between an american cocker spaniel and a poodle or an english cocker spaniel and a poodle. 

There are several different mixtures of crossing a Cockapoo, these are explained in the following: 

  • F1: A Cockapoo bred by crossing a poodle and a cocker spaniel.
  • F2: Cockapoos bred with two F1 parents.
  • F3: Cockapoos bred with two F2 parents.
  • F4: Cockapoos bred with two F3 parents.
  • F1b: Cockapoos bred with a first-generation Cockapoo and either a cocker spaniel or a poodle.
  • F2b: Cockapoos bred with an F1 Cockapoo and an F1b Cockapoo, or an F2 Cockapoo and a poodle or a cocker spaniel.
  • The “F” number listings go on infinitely – and so a tenth-generation Cockapoo would be an F10.

Nugget is a mix between an american Cocker Spaniel and a F1 Cockapoo, meaning she is a F1b Cockapoo. 


A Cockapoos Personality 

Cockapoos are heartwarming dogs. Friendly, playful and cuddly. They are quite sensitive and get very attached. They get along with other dogs, they are very easy to train, very smart. 

If you are thinking of getting a Cockapoo you should definitely have time for him/her. They like attention and are happiest when the dog owner is around. They have a great personality, very easy to handle and are the perfect dog for the family. 


Cockapoo coat & colours 

Cockapoos are hypoallergenic, they do not shed.  Cockapoos can vary in colours, a cockapoo may also fade over time, due to the inherited gene from the poodle. Here is an overview of the different colours:

  • Red, deep red, faded red, apricot
  • Blonde, fading blonde 
  • White, fading white
  • Black, fading black 
  • Chocolate, fading chocolate

Nugget for example is a blonde Cockapoo, with a bit of fading red. 

Cockapoos need to get groomed. For more information on this see the following blog article: How to groom a Cockapoo

If you are looking for grooming items such as scissors and dog shampoo especially created for cockapoos then take a look at here


Cockapoo sizes

Cockapoos also vary in size, depending on the type of mix. They vary between 25- 38 cm in height and weight between 5,4 - 11 kg. Cockapoos are also bred as miniature Cockapoos, miniature meaning they are smaller than average and bred with a miniature poodle or toy poodle. 

Their dog bed size may vary between size S and M. Here are some of the dog beds that are recommended for cockapoos.  

Nugget is a regular sized Cockapoo, she is 35cm high weighs 8,3 kg. She uses size M. 

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