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How to groom a Cockapoo

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How to groom a Cockapoo

Here is a short instruction on how Nugget, my Cockapoo is groomed.

You have two options:

  • Taking your Cockapoo to a professional groomer
  • Grooming your Cockapoo yourself

I have tried both options. It is difficult finding the right groomer, who knows how to cut a Cockapoo. I have had a bad experience myself, Nugget was completely shaved, especially her face. Luckily it grew back to normal but it didn't look very nice in the first three weeks. I now groom her myself.

Start grooming your dog at an age of about 6 months, also depending on the season, during winter season try to keep it long. The eyes need to be groomed a bit earlier, so that your puppy has perfect sight. I groom Nugget every 2-3 months, in the summer every 4 weeks. Her eyes every 3 weeks. 

If you prefer taking your dog to a professional groomer, ask your friends about recommendations and pick a groomer with experience. 

What to tell the groomer:

  1. Ask them to just use scissors all over. The electric razor can be used for the body if needed, for example during summer season. 
  2. Make the body to one length (also under the belly)
  3. Shorten the tail hair, so that it doesn't look long and stringy 
  4. Trim the beard - especially under the chin 
  5. Groom the eyes and head 
  6. Trim the ears, be careful here. 
  7. Cut the fur below the paws (so that the paws are not covered and don't get slippery). Be careful, do not cut too much.

If your want to groom your Cockapoo yourself, use the same steps. Nugget is really calm and doesn't move which makes it easy to groom her myself. I use two types of scissors, one regular dog grooming scissor and thinning scissor. The regular scissor is used at first, the thinning scissors for parts that may look a bit edgy- this will make it look fluffy.

I hope my blog post was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to send me an E-Mail.

Have fun and don't worry- it will grow back!