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The right dog bed

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The right dog bed

Doodles come in almost every seize, shape and form. Over the last five years, dog breeds that have been mixed with poodles have become extremely popular across the globe. (Of course, we also love our Nugget!) We all now that poodles has some great characteristics - on the inside and outside - that have caused this great popularity of doodles. 

Why do Doodles need a special Dog Bed?

Besides the obvious fact that Golden Doodles, Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Maltipoos and all other breeds within the Doodle-family are very cute, they don't shed. (In same cases they can shed, depending on how much Poodle is in the breed, but generally, the majority of the doodles don't shed). The advantages are very obvious - no dog hair in the car, at home or anywhere else for that matter. The looks of the curly poodle hair does the rest for us. 

What you need to know about your Doodle-Dog-Bed

However, it is very important for dog owners to understand, what that means for the dog itself. If a dog does't shed, it has to be trimmed and groomed on regular basis. We have written an interesting article on how to do that here: How to groom your Cockapoo Especially when a doodle lives in a warm climate. But trimming your doodle is only part of the story - it is very important for all Doodles to sleep in a dog bed that has excellent temperature compensation. Oftentimes you will notice, that your doodle prefers to sleep on the floor, rather than in his dog bed, if the bed is too warm. 

Nugget Nielsen Dog bed for your Doodle

It is very difficult to find a material that is durable, comes from nature and has excellent temperature compensation qualities. But look no further, we at Nugget Nielsen have build our brand around our own Cockapoo - we are very much focused on improving the life of your doodle friends. So we are very proud of our beautiful Alpaca Wool dog beds that will keep your puppy comfortable and cool. Alpaca wool is a fantastic material to regulate temperature - the reason is very simple. Alpacas themselves don't shed either. Their natural habitat in South America (mainly Peru) has great temperature deviations. During the day it can easily be 30degrees celsius, while the nights are very cold. Especially in high altitude, where most of the alpacas live. Given these extreme temperatures, Alpaca wool can keep you warm, and even has a cooling effect in the heat. These great attributes can be translated to our Nugget Nielsen Alpaca Dream bed

Golden Doodles, Cockapoos, Maltipoos or other Doodles will also like the whole dog beds collection, as we always keep the needs of doodles in mind, when designing and manufacturing new products.